Tsukasa KONDO


Tsukasa was born in Kobe, Japan and spent his life in his homeland until graduating from Kyoto University in 2008 with a major in economics. Raised in an international environment, he has been familiar with Western literature, culture and the English language since his youth. In Fall 2008, he moved to New York City.

As Actor

Tsukasa’s recent film credit includes a supporting role in “Toru” a critically acclaimed Sundance film directed by Jonathan Minard and Scott Rashap (Sundance Film Festival Premiered, Distributed by Academy-winning A24)  and a lead role in “The Misadventures of Incredible Dr. Wonderfoot” directed by Brett Glass and Grier Dill (“Best in Show” winner at Flux Fest 2013) , “KASUMI” directed by Misaki Matsui (Voice-Over, Independent Spirit Award, Monaco International Film Festival), “Hirosaki Players” directed by Jeff Sousa (official selection at over 17 international film festivals and received numerous awards including Best Narrative Short Award from Woodstock FestivalAudience Choice Award from IFPBest Short Narrative from Beijing International Movie Festival, and many more,) and “Park” directed by award-winning director Mari Kawade (official selection at six international film festivals including Queens International Film Festival.)

Tsukasa has been performing at numerous prestigious venues such as the Japan Society and Abingdon Theatre in NYC. He also hosted Enjoy Japan 2013 at the world-renowned Lincoln Center.

As Writer

Tsukasa’s writing credit includes Elevator in Nagano and Take Five, both produced in Tokyo, directed by award-winning director Eriko Ogawa (19th the Yomiuri Theatre Award nomination for directing, Haruko Sugimura Award for directing, 2010 Odajima Yushi Foreign Play Interpretation Award for directing) as well as In Ghostly Japan at Hudson Guild Theatre (New York Magazines critic’s pick.) Tsukasa is the writer of a new Japanese-American web comedy series, 2nd Avenue, in which Tsukasa also plays a lead character.

Tsukasa has two books published for Amazon Kindle (in Japanese.)

“Shinoburedo Ironi Idenikeri Waga Goukon” (Amazon US/Amazon JPN)
“Facebook” (Amazon US/Amazon JPN)